• Fernanda Ford

Career lessons I live by

I was just interviewed by an Engineering freshman and he asked me to give him a career advice. I gave him three and I want to share them with people from any industry:

1. Always question the way things are done in your industry. Don't just repeat what's been done for decades just because "that's the way it is". There's always room for improvement, and we can always make it better, more sustainable, more efficient.

2. Study things out of your industry scope. Take courses, read books, get educated in subjects from other fields. Talk to and collaborate with people with different backgrounds and perspectives. That helps us open our minds and start finding unique connections between subjects and disciplines. That's where innovation happens.

3. Always think of ways to give back to people and the planet. We live on a very individualistic and competitive world, especially in the engineering bubble. How can your work make people's lives better? What can you do to create a more sustainable environment? This is a never-ending effort. Do it.

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